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Crowdfunding Blog

What is Crowdfunding and What are Its Basic Features?

There are numerous ways for a business to get its funding, and one of these successful activities is called crowdfunding wherein monetary contributions are raised through a large number of people. Generally, this activity is mostly done through the internet with the websites that would lead business people to raise money, however, this idea can also be done through other ways.


Crowdfunding has become the latest trend nowadays that is being done by accomplished companies and also those businesses that are still starting. According to a US based research company, billions of dollars had been raised by entrepreneurs by conducting more than 600 crowdfunding platforms all over the globe. It is undeniable therefore that people assume crowdfunding is here to stay, especially it represents a major source of funding generation activity for new businesses, to those non-profits seeking contributions, and creative people looking for recognition of their works.


There are several crowdfunding platforms at wherein donations are asked in exchange for some special compensation. Each website could offer different and unique terms, but generally, the concept is the same among platforms.


Collecting loans and royalty financing can also make use of crowdfunding platforms. For example, one site would allow members to directly make an investment or make borrowings with each other, thereby eliminating the banking institution in the course of the transaction. Other companies, would also make use of crowdfunding websites to sell company shares, similar to an initial public offering without restrictions.


Another advantage of crowdfunding is that it provides new businesses to promote a product or service without exposing the entrepreneur to the loan officers for financial needs. And most importantly, crowdfunding does not only provide the new venture with the needed cash for start-ups, but also it leads to the formation of a customer base who feel it is their responsibility to patronize the company's products or services since they gave stake in its success through the donations they gave.If you want to learn more about crowdfunding, you can visit


There are some features that will ensure you of a successful crowdfunding campaign. One is reaching out to families, friends and well-wishers who you think share your passion for business and are excited to help you put the activity in the spirit of giving and encouraging others to give. It is also very important that you come up with a business plan that is convincing and make sure you can clarify the objective of the fundraising and how the money will help you in your new business venture. Know how to be successful on patreon here!